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UBFound offers a unique approach to your search. Simply leave a message right here on our site and UBFound’s people search service does the work for you – your message gets picked up by search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo and with a little bit of time that special person, or someone who knows that person, will see it and respond.

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Latest Messages

unk., unk.
Leo D Brown Jr, 37, Seattle, WA, USA is looking for unk. unk.
April 18, 2014

I know you guys are out there, I would love to hear from you 3, or at least any of you that are surviving... more ...

withers, leslie
patricia withers, 59, leicestershire, leicestershire england uk is looking for leslie withers
April 17, 2014

Hi im pat withers im looking for my brother is name is leslie withers 1952 hes got tatoos 2 swollows on is neck each side hes tall iv not seen him for over 45 years can any 1 help me please. more ...

Horton, Paris
Someone, 49, Atlanta, USA is looking for Paris Horton
April 17, 2014

****Message from Administrator!! You used an invalid email address to create this message. Please log back in to correct the email address, this way someone will be able to reply to your message. Good luck. PS, once done, you can more ...

white, jacob
Someone, 50, Pangburn, United States is looking for jacob white
April 16, 2014

I am looking for my father. Jeff white. He is 50 years old and was last known to live in conway AR. Please help us find him. I really need my father. Thank you Jacob White more ...

Garay, Nestor Manuel
Abigail Rodriguez(Garay), 35, Miami, Florida, United States is looking for Nestor Manuel Garay
April 15, 2014

Hi Nestor, it's me your daughter Abigail Garay, Teresa Santiago's daughter and Sasha Garay my sister.I can't wait to find you and reunite. Your father Adolfo Luis Garay and Adolfo Luis Garay Jr, your brother are so desperate to se more ...

lemmon, eugene
Someone, 33, raleigh, north carolina is looking for eugene lemmon
April 12, 2014

idk more ...

white, jalyscia
Someone, 40, Detroit, Michigan is looking for jalyscia white
April 12, 2014

Hi find my kid more ...

Park, Samantha
Someone, 18, NSW , Australia is looking for Samantha Park
April 11, 2014

My name is heather, I'm looking for my long lost
Cousins Samantha, I don't know weather she runs by the last name park or if she now has her mothers last name. My family have been looking for Samantha's for a very long time. Woul more ...

Mitchell, Kevin
Kelly Mitchell, 31, Fort Lauderdale, USA is looking for Kevin Mitchell
April 10, 2014

My father died 19 years ago and then I found out he was previously Married before and had a son in April of 1968. There are no family members on my father's side alive to give more details. I would love to just find my brother who more ...

Skelton , Not sure
Someone, 33, Ballarat Vic , Australia is looking for Not sure Skelton
April 10, 2014

I am looking for my sister. I don't know a lot of info except that her mum had a relationship with my dad while they were both separated from there partners for a while and they both decided to go back to there other partners. I d more ...


By using UBFound's free people search, individuals can post messages for others with the hope of re-establishing contact with those friends and family members. Our message center can be used to find family members, friends, old military buddies, and can even be used to do a former classmate search.

To make using the site even easier, the site includes free people search categories. These categories include posts for Old Flame, Old Friend, Child or Parent, Classmate, Family Member, Co-worker and Member of the Armed Forces search.